Few flaws that I find in the current education system

  1. Intention behind getting educated has undergone a drastic change; most of the people aspiring to get educated no longer hold ideals such as spreading the knowledge, getting to understand the purpose of creation, exploring as an innate characteristic with which every child is born , helping and serving the society by improving upon exsiting things , and so on 🙂 the list is a big one
  2. Level of satisfaction( an indirect measure of happiness), peace in life , and other feelings or states of mind that can’t be extracted from their work and/or roles being played by erudite individuals of the society , are being searched and tried to achieve through education
  3. Influence of the corporate and capitalists on the current education system which made way for the very unnatural inclination of humankind that is materialism or the love for objects , even humans have got objectified by the roles they are asked to play , by letting them bind by the opinions and views of others , etc
  4. The sequence of channels through which knowledge should be delivered got destroyed and ran into havoc, the age in which the child should learn by doing, questioning , experimenting and observing , we make him write useless meaningless designs on the paper
  5. No morally valid and definite boundaries imposed on the domains of education
  6. There is just a meagre amount of choice an level and type of freedom or independence that is given to students about their choices and ways, methodologies through which they were to get an education .
  7. Role of students’ background is not being taken into account to decide upon kind of educational needs, tutoring and mentoring needs are suitable for a given child and not a plethora of available choices of being offered with customized education to suit their needs, lifestyles, and various other factors
  8. Low expenditure by the governments worldwide on this important matter which plays a crucial role in the nation-building comprising of relating the education to various life aspects of a human for the overall development of the individual and in turn of the society as a whole
  9. Role of money should be valued in education system , this goes back to the political and social inefficiencies around the globe and the ways we are tackling them slow and not impactful 😉 – kind of seriousness every entity either a person, family, govts., organizations, etc should take in not only in discussing about resources to get the education system on the right track but also active and impulsive investments
  10. Losing importance of innovation and realising its bilateral influence on the education system and its advancement based on the “most useful science is not the best science” analogy