Some thoughts

  1. Heart always runs behind things that are far, which by the time come near you, loose their value out of erosion by time or correction of your sight 
  2. Coincidences are beautiful but rare to realize
  3. Emotional maturity comes from experiences which you consider worst in your life while going through them
  4. Happiness sometimes tests many-a-things and generally people do fail in them terribly
  5. Don’t sacrifice the good that you can do at the moment just by having a thought of doing something that could possibly help you in future , coz you will loose your current state of satisfaction and who knows when and where is death going to await for us
  6. In order to avoid them in future , I got them already … hahaha … they are called computer glasses
  7. All of my hopes , happiness, expectation , etc shall only be the outcome of my relationship and duties towards God