Sites to reach

Websites to plan for life …
a list of very useful websites according to my perspective, their descriptions and explanation of why i consider them to be good
Videos related to everything
but best is to watch something that increases your productive … it will definitely make you happy at the end of the day ….
list of channels
why can’t someone propagate something regarding himself
freedom of speech right …???!!!!1
Git was the kind of second huge project done by Linus Torvalds and of course my very favorite open source community . its an open-source platform that is meant for distributed version control of all those algorithms and codes that can be coded ever . it manages the source code uploaded to it , which can be used by anyone , and modified and hence helping people with ideas to make changes that are truly useful for all of the computer science and other communities .
for all those who know Git – Github is web-based version of the same .
for all the data science enthusiasts and people especially researchers who are finding problems to work on …. its a great source : you will fall in love with all that it has to offer ..
great website to know about those websites that offer more security to your data , account and profiles .

As per my experience and intuition i can assure that study the documentations of programming languages and guiding your progress with the help of an online/offline course is an excellent way to get hands-on experience
be awesome at building image search engines — stands at what it says.You can’t find anyone in Computer Vision blogging community having more faith is “learning by doing” than Adrian ( is his blog)… Implementations with detailed descriptions and which can be implemented with no more hustle . He offers personal insights regarding how he got to know about deep learning and what ways are the best to learn . (elaborate on his books , courses , etc)
An exception to the traditional education websites, this website is a haven for computer scientists, working professionals as well as enthusiastic students and stands on what it describes itself as “a place to read and write big ideas and important stories”

machine learning research website ..awesome

online courses
more to come


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