Day 6

Walking through the ruins of humans life which are worth so much pity I discover quiet interesting mistakes  

1)The biggest mistake as humans that we do is when we are not made to judge others why do we take it as a birth right to do so. 

2)The dislocation of morality if attributed to those who are evil , is not a correct conviction , because those who say so at least where aware of morality and had complete responsiblity to not leave people wandering but extending their most humble support for its avoidance .

3)People cannot see each others’ efforts, because its a great combination of all their life’s aspects which are private to them and harder for them to even explain to others: the intuition and reasoning behind them possessing such things in their lives. Respecting efforts is crucial in growth of loved ones. 

4)Great people can be called so if they are in positions when they are comfortable with all the people and ideas that belong to the lower levels of the hierarchy.

5)Giving time is sometimes better than continuous rebuke for good. Big changes take place slowly 

6)Relevance of job to the person matters but they run behind materialism thereby creating a void in the “satisfaction” ventricle of their hearts.

7)Social media sells you direct ticket to never-ending happiness but “virtually” and “in eyes of others” , please unshackle yourself from the slavery of people’s opinions. You are living for yourself and by yourself , humans aren’t objects , they are a piece of the larger jigsaw puzzle called the human society and there is always a unique place for you available between those people who fit perfectly with you .

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