Day 7

Time as the greatest resource bestowed by God, reality of co-incidences in today’s world, and dealing with situations and categorization of people 

Time is that being which is regulated by us for purposes of measurement … but of what … yeah scientific experiments are in their place … most importantly to measure humans’ success and regulate him … but of what use when such a great institution has lost its shine and purpose …. 

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” Leo Tolstoy

Co-incidences in olden days was considered as signals from God, stress relieving signs for lovers, and what not. But in contemporary context according to me, they can’t and indeed they aren’t revered so much, firstly because we are surrounded by so many people, secondly there exists so much interaction possible due to technological growth ; with many different objects and persons,  thirdly there is so much happening in so less of a time