Day 8

I am very demanding at relations , please don’t bare me if I’m not your family

But that’s for good of those at both the ends.  It’s out of so much love that we care , but the other person shall look at it with eyes of strange trustlessness .  Having thoughts that who are these to have any say over our lives and our decisions … And the biggest mistake we do is we try to impose our ideals or them in a wrong manner , making them having the thought that it’s better we be genuine and fail rather than taking Ur advice because we force them to feel inferior , get them a sense of self worthlessness , aggressive out of fear of losing themselves to you , agitated out of frustration that stems from such scenario …

When God can go easy on His creations’ mistakes who are you to even have a right to force someone

What is a test ? Realising that it’s and perform. More than that knowing your flaws , weaknesses and mistakes and filling them up … Pursuing the most important thing , i.e. setting your priorities … Tests are chances to be vulnerable to hardships and try to find ways to avoid them … Realising that life is a test is crucial for satisfaction and success on earth …

And absconding this test is the ultimate failure .

Absolve yourself from all the materialistic and temporary happiness ( though not eligible to be called as such) because eternal happiness is independent of objects and people but on degree or pursue of completion or accomplishing your purpose of creation