Nature is an expression of God’s divine love towards His beloved creatures , Humans . we can make out this fact my appreciating a very common truth ; and that is nothing but “only human know how to adore a thing of beauty whereas the rest of the beings on earth and but handicapped in exercising this very human quality”.
Going into depths of nature is always a passion of a true lover of art .We as engineers are equipped with a very handy and creative tool to gauge nature’s beauty that’s is Mathematics . the language which uses no more than two alphabets “0 and 1 ” to make the greatest of all values i.e. “ infinity “.
Nature being versatile is also a life supporting system on earth ; it’s a phenomenon rarely observed on any other celestial body visible to us in the dark sky . The conditions on earth are so perfect and in synchronisation with all the physical laws governing the rest of the universal events . Mother earth is yet another name of nature here . many individuals see nature as matter in motion . and generally consider physics as the study of nature .” Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”-Albert Einstein
Nature provides us with all the scenic beauties , breath-taking landscape formations, entertaining wildlife , fascinating water bodies , wilderness , varied ecosystems on earth , the atmosphere , extra terrestrial events , climate and weather , etcetra . nature constitutes all of these and many more unimaginable gifts enclosed in its big heart .
Apart from the skill of adoring the nature ,which we all proudly take as our basic rights ; we have the great and challenging responsibility of protecting it from the damage which we are causing to it intentionally due to our greed for materialistic objects. When so many organisations are doing their bit to save nature , its our foremost duty to take part in all sorts of measures which are being taken up by them and do help our civilisation and future generations to continue to explore the happiness that stems just by having a look at the nature present around us in so many forms which have been aforementioned . “Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”-William Wordsworth.
Life is a great part of nature , although scientists have no universal agreement on the definition of life but the fact they can accept is that life on earth and if found anywhere else in universe will be the sole outcome of natural biological manifestation . All the flaura and fauna hence found around us is nothing but a miniscule part of nature . Apart from the lifeforms stated above , there are the microbes which can be found in almost every location on the earth where there is water .
Humans apart from enjoying the nature , have also exploited it in many ways though their economic activities . the technological advancement has allowed the greater exploitation of natural resources .
Beauty in nature has been a prevalent theme across the poetry , writings , art , photography , books , paintings etc . Nature has always influenced great pioneers of art to celebrate it through their literature works and carry on movements for the renewal of the spirit of nature in the society .


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