My unusual life
Life for everyone I believe is unusual, having your own challenges and in search of the answers to questions that have so profound impact on your life.
almost all of the time we have questions in our heads, we wander for the search of there answers. people give thought to most of their problems but don’t have enough patience to persevere in order to solve them. transformations are subtle .. time and situations are important and I think my policy is to always react to the fullest, take a step back and analyze no problem what, let the world halt for some time… people are always around to criticize and point out at stuff that will never be your business, I have almost never been overwhelmed by this ..
it never happens that what you want people to think about you which you have projected through your thoughts and actions (exchanged) is definitely gonna yield from them the same remarks and feedback that you were expecting .

Personal Details
In a world of end to end encryption too, there’s no privacy ..hence I don’t need to disclose any of that information which will never matter you at the time of judging me as a person, my profile, style of writing or criticism, lifestyle or religion, my career, my achievements (if any of them is so cool to mention) et cetera.

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