Day 1

Every beginning has the same story

There is always a feast of mixed emotions every time I drive towards a new beginning ; a feeling of anxiety stemming from the fact that there are gonna be changes in life which may be major or minor , for some of them we might be ready whereas for others we may not , some could possibly alleviate our sufferings whereas others may not prove to be of any better use to our problems ; despite all of this , there is a hope and happiness associated with it , which comes from the thought that this beginning may have a happy ending , or will at least lead to developments in our lives which we were aspiring for. The fear of failure shall not discourage us to knock at new doors , open up for changes , widen our horizons of thought and actions. 

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” Seneca 

Every new beginning is the evidence of your progress , it reinstates  your enthusiasm and vigor , it restates the fact that you have learnt something from the past that may serve as a prerequisite for your future dealings . Take a step back and jump ahead with the much needed momentum is all what I could say . All the very best for your new starts