Day 10

There is so much that is common among us , we share same experiences , problems , circumstances , yet the tragic part is that we can’t understand each other .

And with all my soul  I must confess that this problem is so common , people who undesirably want not to commit such a grave mistake also , have to do it coz of the over burden of work , mental stress and anxiety they take into themselves in order to avoid it . We wishfully take on animosity with people though it seems to them and the whole world apparently that its a great help that we do . Reality is not all about the apparent and seen as many say “seeing is believing” I too subscribe to this thought but the eyes of whom … for me its with the eyes of heart, mind and soul together. We wishfully play as friends with the most hateful of our enemies, by letting them compete with you for their own growth and attainment of self confidence. 

I will only like to suggest that plz try …ya overburden at least try to place yourself in the position of the opposite person before reacting out aggressively on them especially if they are known to you … because you can manipulate your behavior according to the details you have about their psychology … This will make life free from regrets, heartaches and guilts.  Make yours as well as others life smoother and happier.