Day 14

It is often the matter that we get discouraged by words which were in reality meant to uplift our mood and encourage us. Sadness and pain are crucial parts of life , because without them involved in life , how can human beings even imagine of realizing the importance of happiness. The distinction and fluctuations in life are indeed important to make our life filled with a variety of experiences. No two days of this life can be the same as nature loves entropy and so induces the same in our lives , now its upto us to decide whether that entropy leads us to more stability and symmetry or chaos and reactivity . We aren’t elements and so can change or nature, it’s just that contemplating upon situations even when it’s though to do so, gets us back on the correct track. It is very sad to see people who want changes in their lives but not working towards that goal   

Harsh words are those pop ups in life which should push us to do better , in order to make them rarer in future . It is also critical that we surround ourselves with people who may understand us, react to our situations in ways we expect them to, share our sorrow and happiness alike.